Start by entering the make, model and year of your motorbike and then your pick up locations in the USA and delivery locations in France and Europe for your usa motorbike import

Here are the different boat transport solutions available to import a motorbike from the United States to France

When the validity of the provisional plates is exhausted, the vehicle can be driven with a specific registration certificate: WW. To buy and then import a motorbike from the United States and to import a motorbike from the United States, one must carry out formalities with the customs and tax authorities to import a motorbike from the United States into France. You can entrust the operation to specialists like Motorimport. Motorimport offers transport and import services for cars and motorbikes from the United States to France.

The customs duty for entry into the EU is 8 % when importing a motorbike with an engine capacity of more than 250 cc. The customs duty is 6 % of the price of the motorcycle and the total cost of transport when the engine capacity is less than 250 cc. VAT will also be charged at 20 %.

After paying various taxes, the customs office will then issue the 846 A clearance certificate. This document certifies that the vehicle is tax compliant and that the motorbike is being imported from the United States. After this first step, the motorbike is tax compliant. This does not mean that it is homologated. In addition to the taxes, there are also other administrative formalities to be completed.

If you want to buy a motorbike from the USA, it is important to get it approved. This will require an individual approval certificate. This can be a certificate of conformity to an EC type or a certificate of identification to an EC type and import a motorbike from the USA to France. These documents are issued by the manufacturer when the motorbike is first sold. The aim is to ensure that the vehicle purchased in the USA is in every respect equivalent to the same model approved in Europe and imported from the USA.

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