Used car usa import muscle car in France

Used car usa import muscle car in France

Used car usa import muscle car in France

Everything you need to know about importing cars into France

Used car usa import muscle car in France

Used car usa import muscle car in france. Importing a car from the United States is nowadays a common transaction but it requires some actions from the future owner. The first operation is the import clearance for your used car usa import muscle car in France. Customs duties and VAT must be paid for your used usa import muscle car before the vehicle crosses the French border. The VAT rate used is the full rate of 20%. The customs duties correspond to approximately 10% of the value of the vehicle. Importing a car from the United States also requires the owner to present the vehicle to a DREAL (Direction Régionale de l'Environnement, de l'Aménagement et du Logement) to prove that the vehicle meets French safety standards and regulations for your used car import. He must then register his car provisionally before receiving the permanent usa import registration. These procedures are done at the prefecture for your used usa import.

Taxes associated with importing vehicles into France include a duty of 5 to 10% for cars and 22% for trucks. You must also pay a VAT of 20% and a special tax based on the vehicle's CO2 emissions. If the vehicle passes the environmental inspection for your used car usa import muscle car in france, the special tax may be reduced. In addition, EU citizens who have been living in the US for more than a year and have owned the vehicle for more than 6 months are entitled to a one-time tax-free import of their car. As these taxes are subject to change without notice, we advise customers to contact the French Embassy to find out the most current duties and taxes for the car being imported for your used usa import. The process of transporting a car from the USA to France The very first step in preparing for overseas transport is to call the French embassy for your used car usa import. The embassy will inform you of the latest car import regulations. Not only must the type of vehicle match the description, according to the car import policy, but you will also have to prove to customs that the vehicle complies with their laws for your used car usa import. The staff of the transport company will help you to gather all the necessary evidence for your usa import.

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